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Are you looking to grow your business in Germany? Do you want to sell products in Germany online via Amazon or ebay? We will show you exactly where and how you can receive your German VAT number.

What is VAT?

The Value Added Tax Identification Number (VAT ID) is a separate number that entrepreneurs can apply for in addition to their tax number or tax ID. The VAT ID can be used to uniquely identify every company within the European Union (EU). It is particularly relevant for invoicing.

Tip: In Germany, the value-added tax is 19 percent at the full standard tax rate. Certain sales are subject to a reduced tax rate of 7 percent.

When is a German VAT number necessary?

If a foreign company carries out sales in Germany, these sales are subject to sales taxation in Germany in the same way as domestic companies. In principle, a foreign company without a registered office in Germany must register the VAT with the German tax office. Furthermore, it has to pay the tax and submit a tax return for transactions that are taxable in Germany.

Where to apply?

The following tax offices in Germany are responsible depending on the country of residence of the respective foreign company:

Residence, registered office or management

Kingdom of Belgium

Republic of Bulgaria

Kingdom of Denmark

Republic of Estonia

Republic of Finland

United Kingdom
and Northern Ireland

Hellenic Republic

Republic of Ireland

Italian Republic

Republic of Croatia

Republic of Latvia

Principality of Liechtenstein

Republic of Lithuania

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Republic of Macedonia

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Kingdom of Norway

Austrian Republic

Republic of Poland
Company name A-G

Republic of Poland
Company name H-L

Republic of Poland
Company name M-R and all companies to which the procedure pursuant to § 18 (4e) UStG is to be applied.

Republic of Poland
Company name S-Z

Portuguese Republic


Russian Federation

Kingdom of Sweden

Swiss Confederation

Slovak Republic

Kingdom of Spain

Republic of Slovenia

Czech Republic

Republic of Turkey


Republic of Hungary


Republic of Belarus

other foreign countries

Source: Ordinance on the local jurisdiction for turnover tax of entrepreneurs domiciled in foreign countries (Umsatzsteuerzuständigkeitsverordnung – UStZustV)

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