We value your success

01. Loans & Subsidies

M&M Consultants understands exactly how the lenders review your application, analyze risk factors and evaluate your financial ratios and builds the best possible case to demonstrate security and stability.

02. Investors

M&M Consultants has many years of experience in preparing professional business plans for investors. The result is an Investment Grade Business Plan with continuous support during your fundraising process.


M&M Consultants is specialized in strategic plans for business growth. We have helped start-ups and multinational companies to develop new business areas and to introduce new products and innovations to the market.

How we help you achieve your Goals

We take the time to thoroughly understand your company and your innovation idea, including its unique business model and market positioning.

24 Hours

Speak with a consultant who will personally guide you through the process.

Day 2-14

Work with the best in the industry to carefully create your individual business plan.

Day 30

Receive ongoing support in achieving your business goals.


IBB Gründungsbonus 50.000€ (no repayment obligation) + IBB MikroCrowd 25.000€

Our Business Plans are German state-funded

Consistently outstanding quality

Tangible results


You receive a business plan tailored to your business model. With us there are no templates!

team of professionals

The specialized team of M&M Consultants has years of experience in founding and financing companies.


Confidentiality agreements are natural for us. We treat your idea with discretion!

reliable research

M&M Consultants has access to the same market research results as leading investment banks and venture capital firms – only the most reliable information is used.


Our service includes access to our exclusive network of investors, decision makers and experts.

Long term support

Through our expertise in the area of business development, we support you in the long-term growth of your company.



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