First triple winner at BPW

Their Story

The Startup heatle offers people the option of heating liquids sustainably and easily. The electrical engineer David is working on a solution for  sustainable, safe water heating since 2015. What various start-ups and corporations have failed to do, heatle succeeded in early 2020 with a near-series prototype that can heat water, milk or bouillon in all containers to the exact degree. heatle is not just faster than conventional devices, but also much more energy-efficient, user-friendly and offers consumers the world’s first sustainable alternative for heating liquids. 

“Very competent, friendly, quick and fair advisors! Clear recommendation for everyone who needs support with their startup.”

Wachtang Budagaschwili
Co-Founder @ heatle

Our Support

Working closely with the customer, we were able to support them in crafting an outstanding Business and Financial Plan which convinced the high-class Jury of the BPW Award. Through basic adjustments we were able to specifically point out the unique selling point of the product and show its competitive positioning in the market. Furthermore the plan was aligned to the detailed requirements of the Award. As the first startup ever, heatle was able to secure three prizes. Phase 3 BPW plan, Special prize for sustainability and the EMC-Award.

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