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Gründungsbonus – The guide to startup funding Germany

Gründungsbonus: The guide to startup funding Germany Welcome to our guide to startup funding Germany, focusing on the Berlin startup funding program called Gründungsbonus. As we all know, bureaucracy can be tough, especially if you’re new to Germany and you haven’t...

Important insurances for startups in Germany

Different companies need different protection. The insurance of start-ups depends on the area of business. An online company, for example, usually needs cover for cyber risks, while other companies tend to use other types of cover. Some insurance policies are...

How to apply for a German VAT number

Are you looking to grow your business in Germany? Do you want to sell products in Germany online via Amazon or ebay? We will show you exactly where and how you can receive your German VAT number. What is VAT? The Value Added Tax Identification Number (VAT ID) is a...

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