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Are you looking for capital / investments?

Our professional business plans increase your chance of obtaining financing by 100%, as we have already acquired more than €7 million for our clients. Our business plans start from as little as
1.500 € and are completed within 3 weeks.

What our Business Plans have been successfully used for:

✓ Startups in the initial phase

  • Gründungsbonus
  • State Funding
  • Startup Contests
  • Venture Capital
  • Business Angels
  • Bank Financing (KFW & ERP)

✓ Companies in growth phase

  • Mezzanine Capital
  • Venture Capital
  • State Funding
  • Bank Financing
  • Factoring
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Our Process


As part of the evaluation, we discuss the innovation,  find suitable financing options and create a Timeline


You get access to our vast network of investors, banks and funding options

Business Plan

For the Application of the respective Investment / Financing a custom-fit business plan will be prepared and thoughtfully written in 4 weeks


After 1-2 weeks we will go over the business- and financial plan with you and incorporate your feedback


We support you until the successful completion of your financing / investment


We are often asked these questions

Is there a free business plan check?

We would be happy to review your previous business plan (draft) without obligation and give you free feedback! We will gladly agree on a confidentiality agreement in advance.


How long does it take to create a business plan?

Researching and writing a business plan can take between a month and a year, depending on the complexity of your business idea, your finances and whether all the information you need is already available.

Through our structured process, we can provide you with the first draft after only 1-2 weeks. We then incorporate your feedback and finalise the business plan. 


What funding is available for the preparation of a business plan?

There are regional and national subsidies for the preparation of a business plan. The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control provides national funding of up to €3,200 for the preparation of a business plan.

Feel free to call us for more information on the individual subsidies.

How expensive is it to have a business plan written?

An individual, professional business plan starts at €1,500. The final price is determined by factors such as the target group of the business plan, the business idea, the scope and the level of detail of the financial planning.

In any case, the external preparation of a business plan should be combined with free funding.

For what purposes can the business plan be used?

The 3 main purposes of a business plan are 1) to attract funding 2) to create an effective growth strategy and 3) to accurately identify financial needs.

Our award-winning business plans are always customised to fit the purpose. The majority of our clients use the business plan to apply for a bank or KfW loan or to convince investors

Why should I have a business plan written?

The 3 most important reasons to have a business plan written are 1) expertise 2) time saving and 3) objectivity.

1) Often there is only one chance to win financing. Here it is important to lay the right foundation with expertise from experts.

2) If writing a business plan is not routine, it can take up a lot of time. This time can be invested much more valuable in the development of the business.

3) the business concept is analysed and presented from an external and neutral point of view. This ensures that banks and investors can also understand the business plan.

When do I need a business plan?

A business plan can be used as an important cornerstone for decision-making and strategic planning.

A business plan is usually mandatory for applying for bank or KfW loans, for attracting investors such as business angels and VCs, and for state funding such as the IBB Gründungsbonus.

How many pages does a business plan have?

The answer is: “It depends”. As a rule, the number of pages is between 30 to 50 pages, plus an appendix. The size of a business plan depends on the business idea.

Conventional concepts such as a beauty salon require less explanation than that of a fintech or biotech start-up. It is important to describe the idea as precisely as possible.

For which sectors have you already successfully written business plans?

From the restaurant next door to the fintech or hardware startup to large companies and banks: we write cross-sector, international business plans in various languages.

For example, we won 3 awards at the BWP Business Plan Competition with our business plans together with the startup heatle and secured a banking licence for a fintech in the United States.

Is a financial plan included?

The financial plan is the foundation of every business plan. It presents the business development in figures and shows how the achievement of the strategic goals will be financed.

For each of our business plans, an individual financial plan is drafted for at least 3 years. Due to our expertise in financial planning, we can also design strategic scenario analyses and highly complex financing reports if required.


IBB Gründungsbonus 50.000€ (no repayment obligation) + Berlin Start 250.000€

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